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Chrome Extensions in general : Grammarly and CK Editor specifically

Updated: 17 May 2022 19:44:23 OpenCRM::Settings::Templates OpenCRM::Editor

We have seen a rise in support Tickets from clients who are experiencing bizarre affects within their email or PDF templates in OpenCRM.

Note : Chrome extensions are well documented in the way that some interact with browser windows and in particular affect javascript and can just 'break' native functionality.

One browser extension that does not play well with other browser features is the Grammarly Chrome extension (Firefox and Safari have similar issue).

The Grammarly extension does not sit well with 'on screen' text editors, this includes the text editor that we utilise within OpenCRM - CK Editor.

When any editing is carried out in the browser Grammarly tries to spell and grammar check the 'field', this includes when editing any HTML source, which means Email and PDF templates.

Grammarly injects a great deal of HTML bloat into the source code. In some instances we have seen the additional code expand the source so much that the Email edit screen loads painfully slowly or times-out completely without loading.

Along with the performance issues it is questionable wether the deliverability of an email would be affected, as some Spam checking software grades the email HTML to assist with the Spam score and therefore the decision about delivering an email or marking it as suspect.

Our Advice : be careful with the addition of browser extensions in general as these can effect how OpenCRM might function and at this time do not enable add-ons such as Grammarly on your OpenCRM system.

Footnote : to give this issue some context and CK Editor appropriate credit, at the time of writing (August 2017) CK Editor has been downloaded over 18 million times and is trusted by some of the most prestigious organisations around the world, including Adobe, IBM and Microsoft.

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