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How can I reassign a group of records?

Updated: 18 April 2019 14:28:21 OpenCRM::Opportunities OpenCRM::Contacts OpenCRM::Companies

How to reassign a group of records

1) Select the record(s) you want to reassign by ticking the box to the left of each record

2) Click the Change Owner button at the bottom of the screen.

3) You will see a screen that allows you to select one of your users from a dropdown list

4) Click Update Owner

How to carry our reassignment requests on Company and Contact records

We have a feature in OpenCRM that allows you to formally request Company reassignment. This is very useful if you need to keep track of who is reassigning Company records and for what reason.

The process starts with requesting the reassignment. 

Step 1: How to request a reassignment

Click the reassign button in the Notify drop-down on the top of the company record.

This opens a notification email and a ;pop-up menu where you can select the User; you may wish to append  the subject line or type a message into the description field. This user will probably either be the person who is the current "Assigned to" or perhaps you have a central individual who handles all admin tasks like this.

Click Send

This sends an email to that individual requesting the reassign of the Company, marks the company record with an activity of category Reassign Request and creates a follow up activity (Not Started) for Reception to mark as Done when the reassign is completed.

The copy from notification link takes any text from the notification description field and copies into the FUP activity description field. 

Step 2: Reception Notes

When a user creates a reassignment request, it sends an email to the designated personnel (e.g. reception@) containing a link to the company.

That user can then click on the link to go straight to the company record .

From here they can manually reassign the company by clicking edit and changing the "Assigned to" user. 


The reassign also creates a Done activity on the history on the company record saying that a request has been made, and a Not Started Activity on the company record assigned to the designated person.

Reassignments then show up on the designated person’s To-do list ready to be marked as Done once the company has been reassigned. 

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