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Can I turn on a second Custom Contact module or Custom Project module to cater for additional 'types' of these entities?

Updated: 18 May 2022 06:17:48 OpenCRM::Contacts OpenCRM::Projects OpenCRM::Add-in::Custom Module/code

OpenCRM has an additional 'Custom Contacts and Custom Projects' module available as standard.

These can be managed from within the SETTINGS options and can be turned on in two ways:


To turn either module on for everyone in your organisation, go to Settings->Customise Menus.

Drag the Custom Contacts and/or Custom Projects from the top block to the bottom and click Save.

By Profile

To turn either module on for only select individuals, go to Settings->Profiles and select the Profiles of those individuals. Click Edit.

Set Custom Contacts and/or Custom Projects to "Allow" and click Save.

Most of the normal features that you would expect to be able to do with other modules within OpenCRM are now available on these two custom entity types.

For further information on how to use these modules or for assistance in turning them on, please contact SUPPORT.

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