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Is there an easy way to send large files to other users when these files are too big to send by email?

Updated: 18 May 2022 07:43:40 Hosted::Services::Email

Yes, there are many services available on the web, including setting up your own Software Add-ons FTP data storage area that will allow you to upload files and send secure links to these files for your recipients.

The alternative's include the use of an on-line service provider that specialises in this area, there are many providers that can offer services, most of these are chargeable however, some offer free services, asking for donations and relying on advertising to fund their subscriptions.

The three options you have are ;

  • Software Add-ons - Secure privately managed storage on one of our secure data centre servers - this is a charagable service - please contact your account manager for further information.
  • Chargabale services, these include
  • FREE services;

You will need to take a balanced view on the type of files you are transferring and the risk involved, should any of this information be published outside of your intended audience.

There is no question about any of the services mentioned above, however we cannot accept any liability for any general advice given, you should satisfy yourself that the service is "as secure as you require", by speaking to the providers direct.

If you require a highly secure environment, where the people managing the servers are know personally to you, consider speaking to us direct and we can set you up with a secure FTP storage area.



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