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How can I make a record private? How can I stop system administrators and data administrators seeing private records?

Updated: 18 May 2022 05:52:15 OpenCRM::Settings::Users OpenCRM::Projects OpenCRM::Documents

How can I make a record private?

You can mark records as private either by ticking the "Private" tick-box" (if available, see below) or setting the security to one of the private options.


Tick Box

The privacy tick box does have a little more functionality but is only available on Projects, Documents and Emails.

Ticking the "Private" tick box will override whatever is set in the "Security" drop-down. It will treat the record as though the security level of "Private" has been applied.

Can I hide a private record from grids, list views etc?

Emails and Documents are hidden from grids and list views if you tick the "Private" tick box. Only the owner, creator, anyone linked to the record, and system and data admins will be able to see the record in grids and list views if this is ticked. On Projects, the item will still be visible in grids and list views even if this option is ticked.

Changes to this field will always be logged in the Audit Log.

Who can access private records?

If the record is set as private, only the owner, creator, system admins, data admins, and anyone linked to the record is able to access the record.

Can I stop admin / data admin users having access to private records?

Yes! There are options in additional settings which prevent admin users from being able to access private records. You can find these under "Privacy Settings"

Can I stop admin / data admin users seeing private records in grids / list views?

Emails and Documents  can be hidden from grids / list views for administrators using the same options as above, but NOT projects, which currently, as described above, cannot be hidden from the list views via privacy settings.

How can I grant access to private records, regardless of user group, or administrative level?

By linking a user to a record, you give that user access to view the record, and, if they have the relevant access, to edit or delete the record.

Private Activities and the Calendar

If you mark an Activity as Private, either using the "Private" tickbox or in Microsoft/Google, you have two options when it comes to how this appears in your Calendar for other users.

Option 1: Private Activities are not visible in the Calendar. (This is the default)

Option 2: Private Activities appear in the Calendar, but are not editable or clickable by other users and only show up with the subject "Private" for all unlinked/unassigned users.

To enable Option 2, you will need to go to Settings > Configuration > Additional Settings and click the Calendar option. Then you will need to enable the following setting:

Private + Group Permissions

This extends the privacy options to allow anyone that is a member of the same group/s as the record owner to gain permission to that record.

We can grant group users to only view, view and edit, or full access (view, edit and delete).

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