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Can I copy data that I hold on a Lead onto other entities when I Convert the Lead?

Updated: 31 May 2022 16:43:05 OpenCRM::Leads

Yes, this is a standard feature within OpenCRM that is available in a number of modules (FAQ). 

If you go to;

  • Settings > Studio Panel – Custom Field Settings > Lead Custom Fields >

You will see an additional button at the top of the screen, Custom Field Mapping.

By selecting this option you can assign Custom Fields from the Leads module to be copied across into custom fields that you have set up on other entities, as part of the Convert process.


The left hand column shows all of the available custom fields within the Leads module.

By selecting a drop down on the corresponding row, you can select which field the data will be mapped to. The column headings show the entity that the fields belong to.

Note : You can set multiple fields on the same row, allowing the data from the Leads module to be copied into fields on different modules within OpenCRM.


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