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What Keyboard shortcuts are there to help navigation?

Updated: 17 May 2022 15:50:14 OpenCRM::Interface-Display

Within OpenCRM V4 we have introduced keyboard shortcuts to give you a quick and easy way to navigate your system without the need to use the mouse.

Note: You can think of these in the same way that you might use ctrl+C and ctrl+V for Copy and Paste.

Ctrl + K

If you hold down the Control key (often referred to as 'ctrl' ) and at the same time the letter K you will notice that a popup window appears. This is your Navigation Search.

The Navigation Search window acts as an alternative to the Jump To & Quick Create menus located in the left sidebar. Using this allows you to Jump To any of the modules within OpenCRM and to be able to Create New records, all from the keyboard without using the mouse.

By typing the first few letters of a module name you will see the dynamic list start to filter to only display modules that meet your criteria.

Note: you will generally only need to type the first 2 or 3 letters to get a direct hit.

Once you have filtered the list you will be able to press the return key which will take you directly to the module home page.

Another feature of ctrl+K is the ability to create new records quickly. When you type the first few characters of a module name you will notice that you are also presented with an option to create a NEW record. By selecting these entries you will be taken to a new record screen for the module type that meets your criteria.

Tip: If you type the prefix 'new' you will see a filtered list of just the options to create new records. As an example typing 'new opp' will display just the single entry for creating a new opportunity.

Ctrl + G

A second keyboard navigation shortcut is triggered by holding the Ctrl key and the letter G at the same time.

This shortcut jumps your cursor into the Global Search bar at the top of the screen allowing you to start typing the criteria that you need to search across the key modules in OpenCRM.


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