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Giving access to documents via the portal - how do I make documents accessible to different users?

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To give a Contact access to Documents in your Customer Service Portal, the first step is to make sure they have access to both the Portal and the Documents area of it.

This is done under the Contacts Edit screen - enter information into the Customer Portal Information panel -  this FAQ will help.

On selection of the Documents menu item they are taken to the PUBLIC documents page. You will notice on the menu bar they have an option to access their PRIVATE documents.

You can give both Contacts and your OpenCRM users access to your portal, how documents are displayed for each varies:

Contacts Accessing the Portal

Public Documents - These are documents that have been marked in your OpenCRM system with "Show On Portal" and "Customer Portal Public Document" ticked. Records are displayed under folders and MUST have a "Folder" value in order to display.

Private Documents - These are documents that have been marked in OpenCRM with the "Show On Portal" tick box selected and have been linked to this Contact using the Contact Sub-tab. Records are displayed under folders and MUST have a "Folder" value in order to display.

My Documents - This shows any documents flagged as "Show On Portal" linked to a Project record (via the Related To field on the Document) which the Contact is in turn linked via the Contact sub-tab. The documents linked via a Project will be organised under headings with the Project Name. Items DO NOT need to have a "Folder" set to display here.

Projects - By creating a Project flagged as show on portal and show documents on portal, you can display documents linked to the project on the portal provided the documents are also flagged as show on portal. Documents will be listed on the project and any attachments will be available to download. You may wish to use a Project purely as a way to organise and display documents within the portal, see My Documents above, by setting the Project type to "Documents" the project will not appear in the Projects section but documents attached can still be shown under My Documents.

Your customers can also upload their own documents to the Portal - see this FAQ for details.

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