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I need to hold details of employees (personnel) is there a way to do this in OpenCRM?

Updated: 23 May 2022 12:27:31 OpenCRM::Personnel

OpenCRM has a dedicated Personnel module that allows you to hold Employee details.

This module has dedicated fields that relate to HR and Personnel information. You can add additional custom fields as required and also change values held within the standard picklists. Adding fields and changing picklist values is done following the same process we use for all modules, these attribute changes can be made within the SETTINGS section by administrators.

Standard Fields

There are a number of blocks within the Personnel module that group 'like' data together. However, you are able to move fields into other blocks as you might require using the screen designer tools. This includes custom fields that you might create to cater for your specific employment record requirement.

Mini Tabs - Departments

At the top of the Personnel module screen we have a series of mini tabs which relate to the departments that you have set up within your personnel system. By selecting any one of these mini tabs you apply a filter to the list of personnel records displaying only the people who are in a particular department.

Personnel Information

This block holds the main personnel detail, including name and direct contact information (email, mobile, office and home phone details). You will also find important employee specific details here such as their NI number and information about the persons employment (job title, type of contract and any supervisor they may report to).

Additional Information

Additional personal details are held here, including the Department, Birth date, Marital status, dependants and any ethnic and religious information. You also record the employees leaving date here if this employment has ceased.

Appraisal Information

Within this block you can hold important information about the appraisal process and how it applies to this employee. You can specify the type of appraisal that this employee is required to have, the frequency and make any notes that may be relevant at a high level. You can of course attach documents that contain appraisal questions and conclusions. Documents are attached by using the Documents sub-tab beneath the personnel record, enabling you to either create a new document, or attaching an existing document.

Next of Kin

This section enables you to hold important information about the employees Next of Kin. You can specify the name and emergency contact details as well as an address that might be required in the event of direct contact. You can also specify the relationship between the Next of Kin and the employee.

Driver Information

You can track information about the employees driver history, including the type of License, expiry date, license number and their vehicle registration number (useful if you have parking restrictions on-site). You can also record high level notes that relate to this persons driver history and remember you can always attach scanned copies of their drivers license or other related documents using the documents sub tab.

Benefit Information

This section allows you to hold information about any specific benefits that the employee gets in relation to their employment with you, we cater for some standard benefits including recording information about the employees perks and also their mobile phone and contract details.

Holiday Entitlement

You can record the number of days holiday that this employee is allowed. The total number of days triggers certain notifications during the holiday year to help your administrator keep track of entitlement and how this has been allocated.

The Holiday Days field holds the total holiday that this employee is allowed..

Within Additional Settings you are able to set values for the start date for the Holiday Year period (this is when your Holiday year runs from), this is used to calculate the number of days that have been used within the annual holiday period.

The number of days selected is translated and held within OpenCRM as a number of hours. This means that if your work day is set as being 8 hours (and not an "All Day Event), to create a full day's holiday, you would create a new Holiday activity with a duration of 8 hours. For a half-day's holiday you would do the same but set the holiday duration as being 4 hours.

When a Holiday activity is created on the system and linked to a specific Personnel record for an employee, the duration is used to calculate the number of hours already booked which in turn is subtracted from the Holiday entitlement and therefore displays in the Holiday Remaining field.

There is a setting that turns on Holiday Reminders which when set notifies specified users whenever the Holiday remaining figures drops below a certain figure, which is set by default at Zero. So when a Holiday is booked for a employee that has no remaining (or insufficient remaining) Holiday left then you can be notified automatically.

Address Information

This is the section that allows you to hold the employees home address details. This address can be merged into documents using the normal Contacts Address Merge Variables.

Personnel Restriction Information

You can hold details about the employees bank account within the system. You will need to consider your employment contracts to decide if this information is allowed to be stored in a separate location to your payroll system, but if this suits the way that you work then the fields are available for you to use.

Additional Buttons

There are a couple of additional Personnel specific buttons that are useful to be aware of. These can be found by hovering over the CALL button at the top of the record.

You have a button labelled HOLIDAY that when selected creates an Activity with the category pre set for the type HOLIDAY. There is also a similar button that is labelled ABSENT which creates an Activity with the Sickness category selected. Details of Holidays and Absences can be found in the Pending Holidays, Holiday History and Absent sub-tabs below the Personnel record.


There are a number of system notifications that come as standard with the personnel module. These include;

  • 7 days before the employees Birthday
  • Day before the employees Birthday
  • When holiday entitlement is used - this includes holiday activities that have been scheduled for the future
  • One month before employees driving license expires


There a few reports which are added as standard, these include

  • Holiday due next 30 days
  • Holiday due next 90 days
  • Sickness last 30 days
  • Sickness last 90 days

You can of course create additional reports as you require.

Sub Tabs

You will be familiar with a number of the standard sub tabs that appear on the consult screen when viewing a personnel record. We have added a couple of additional sub tabs to cater for specific areas of focus when dealing with Personnel records. These are;

  • Pending Holidays (Holiday Activities that are not marked as completed)
  • Holiday History (Holiday Activities that are marked as completed)
  • Absent (Sickness Activities)

Calendar Views

It is useful to be able to see Holiday or Sickness in a graphical display to get a feel for how this relates to other activities. You can view specific categories of activities on the calendar using the category filters. If you select the filter that lists categories, which will include Holiday and Sickness, you are able to filter and display ONLY these activities. You can use the normal calendar views to see periods of time. Employees names will appear on the activities allowing you to see which activity relates to an employee.


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