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How can I transfer large files to you (WeTransfer) ?

Updated: 17 May 2022 15:24:06 Hosted::Services

When subscribers need to send large files our preference is to manage this through the OpenCRM Portal. You can access this direct here:

You will need a valid username and password to login. If you need to refresh your password you can do this from the portal login screen.

If you are wanting to exchange large files, perhaps your browser is timing out when trying to upload through the normal portal, we use WeTransfer as a failover service.

WeTransfer stores the file temporarily and for EU customers stores the files on its servers in the EU.

You can access this secure transfer service by going to:

The default email address is already entered for you when you visit our page, if you wish to notify an additional person at OpenCRM (perhaps your Project Manager or Support Technician), you just need to add their email into the 'Email to' field.

WeTransfer allows you to upload files up to 2GB in size.

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