He’s Behind You!

20 Dec 2012

It’s pantomime time. Whether you’re seated in the front row cheering everybody on or hiding at home with the curtains drawn waiting for it to go away, it’s pretty hard to avoid the panto season. We’re even seeing American and Scandinavian actors getting in on the act so who knows one day this rather British phenomenon may well spread its wings across the globe.

Either way, this bizarre piece of theatre can only work if the various departments come together and work as a team. If you have the finest actors but no good lighting then they’ll be singing from the shadows. If your theatre cleaners have been booked for the wrong day or times then your audience will be groaning at the stale popcorn stuck to their bottoms and not just every time the wicked witch appears on stage. And if the box office hasn’t printed enough tickets or the marketing team didn’t do their jobs, there will be no bums on seats in the first place.

If we liken panto to the business process then we can see how the various parts of the organisation need to work together towards the common goal. Marketing, project and personnel management, sales and post-sales support are the vital cogs in the machine. The obvious business solution to manage this under one (theatre) roof is of course CRM. All of the above can easily be managed, offering a 360 degree view of the panto project. You also have the means to measure your ROI by running reports on the various aspects of the show to see how successful you have been. This provides results of your efforts and gives you some targets to smash next year when the show rolls back into town. And having some figures to show your likely revenue means you know how much to splash out on a big name for next year’s widow Twanky!

Whether you are after a stylish show complete with champagne and canapés, or a panto so cheesy you need to hand out grapes and crackers at the interval, using CRM software to manage the project can help turn a major drama into a song and a dance.

For more information on how OpenCRM can help your project management please visit https://opencrm.co.uk/features/project-management.html