How can we hold back?

26 May 2010

We are going through an interesting time at OpenCRM looking at the roadmap for new features and considering the user interface (UI) for the next generation version of the product.

Consultation has led us to be told that we should store up all of the new features, from now until the release of the new UI, to give a bigger Wow factor. This I understand, but what about all the current, paying subscribers?

Having given us their confidence over the years, how do we hold back for 6 or 9 months until the new version is available, especially when we are used to quarterly updates for users?


guess its more of a head change for us rather than our user base. There was a time when we could consider making everyone a beta site, so they were all involved, but those days are far gone, just too many now :0)

So, questions about when to feature freeze and how to manage the UI changes all need to be taken soon, but first we need to get the rebrand out of the way…. more about this very soon.