How do you keep your rockstars in check?

17 Dec 2014

When you have a full team of eager Sales people. how do you keep them motivated?

When you have a hosted solution, it means even your traveling Sales people can connect and keep everything up to date.

The visuals they need to keep motivated have been integrated into OpenCRM in the form of the pipeline in the Opportunities module, and the target widget in the side bar.

I love using the target. In my new role in the sales team, I am in charge of making sure everyone is on track, so I need to be able to see who has accomplished what. I set up views in our Opportunities and Sales Order modules, to keep track of individual sales team members progress, I have an overall target set up, and of course, my favourite: my own!

This all helps me get a better understanding of where our new clients come in, how they are progressing and most importantly what leads the sale to close.

How do you keep your team focused? Drop me a line and tell me, I am always looking for new ways to keep the team motivated!