How many elements make a great team?

22 Oct 2014

Do you know what goes into a Cloud based CRM system? It takes dedicated teams working together to create the perfect hosted solution.

At OpenCRM, we grow everything in house. Our teams organically fit together like the 4 elements.


The fire that keeps everything going, our sales team assess you needs, make sure you have the perfect solution for your business and make sure the projects team are on points to make sure you have the smoothest sale through our system (see what I did there 😉 )


The wind in your sails. You will be guided through your implementation and training with our expert team that allows you to relax through the process and get you up to speed and up and running in a timely fashion.


Our Developers, like water, are a force to be reckoned with. Quirky, bespoke parts of your system? Updated features? Bug fixing? General awesomeness? The development team is where you’ll be headed.


Support help tie all our teams together by grounding us. Much like the earth they can make sure everything stays stable and help you get over questions and issues you may be having. They are your go to resources for how to’s you may have.

All in all when you have forces to be reckoned with within your business, things need to work harmoniously. With all the elements working together, you get things that appear, like a rainbow after a storm. We’re on your side. Get in touch, let us know what you need!