How much CRM storage do you need?

16 Dec 2019

As you may or may not be aware, we offer 2TB of file storage with every CRM system. This means every file you upload, every email attachment sent to you, and every image you add to your own email templates (or FAQs).

The idea of 2TB of data is a bit abstract and people often ask us whether that is enough space. My default answer has always been that no one, not even our longest standing customers, have ever come close to using it up.

But that’s not always as reassuring as it could be, I know. After all, you don’t know what kind of data (and how much of it) our customers are adding to their CRM systems.

So in this blog, I’d like to explore how much stuff you could upload to [open crm] without going over your 2TB file storage limit.


What do you get with OpenCRM?

Unrivalled customer support? 2TB of storage per account? Data held in EU? It's the sort of stuff we think you should be able to take for granted, but which you won't necessarily get from our competitors.

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Basic Storage Definition First

But first, let’s explore what 2TB means from the technical, dictionary point of view:

TB stands for terabyte. A terabyte is equal to 1024 GB (gigabytes, which is equal to 1024 MB (megabytes), which is then equal to 1024 kB (kilobytes)…you get the idea.

CRM Storage Explained

Knowing exactly how many GB, MB, and KB you have available for file storage in your CRM system isn’t terribly helpful, though.

Data Storage Examples

Estimating the actual amount of If you have 2TB of file storage, this means that you would be able to store:

  • 2,097,157 books (400 page books used as the default)
  • 419,430 songs (4 minutes, mp3 format)
  • 620,000 pictures
  • 1,000 hours of movies

That’s a lot of stuff…but probably not what you are looking to actually upload and store on your CRM solution.

Custom Demo

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CRM Storage in the Real World

Think about the kinds of things you save against client records as part of your day-to-day job. You’re probably saving pdfs, images, and spreadsheets.

Let’s assume that on a typical day, you save 10 images, 2 PDFs, and another 2 spreadsheets. How many days can you go before you fill up your CRM storage?

If we assume that each of these PDFs is about 100KB, each image is 5KB, and each spreadsheet is 1MB (because there’s a lot of information), that means that you’d be storing about 2,298KB per day.

2TB of storage will give you 2,147,483,648kB…so that means you would be able to work for…dramatic pause…934,501 days before you ran out of CRM storage.

That’s about 2,560 years without a single day off!!

CRM comparison

The salesforce alternative?

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All of this means that you can believe us when we tell you: 2TB of storage space in your CRM is more than enough.

And if you run out…our MD will eat his hat! And then talk to you about getting some more storage made available to you.