I can hear a buzzing and its not a BEE

5 Apr 2011

Technologists just love their buzz words and the CRM market is no different to any other technology sector. I guess CRM has become more mainstream but at one point this was itself a buzz word that few understood and was used to cover a multitude of software solutions.

Software as a Service – ‘SaaS’ or ‘Cloud Computing’ have been bandied about for a while now, but what do they mean?

Most people are familiar with the idea of their emails being held and accessed through the web. Services such as Hotmail or Yahoo are used by millions of people. And that’s exactly how OpenCRM works.


sign up to a monthly subscription and we deliver access to OpenCRM from any internet connected computer or device. Your data is backed up each night in a way that most mid market clients would find difficult to manage and potentially expensive, all of this is part of your subscription and managed by our dedicated team of CRM professionals.

By utilising our resources in this way you get to implement big business software at a fraction of the cost.

Let us do the heavy lifting & manage the backups and all aspects of your CRM system management, lets face it a nightly backup between two secure data centres has to be more secure than holding your information on a laptop or PC which is inevitably where a lot of data ends up, in spreadsheets and address books. If your computer is lost then no problem, just login from another PC – remember all the information is stored in the cloud.

Coupled with the estimate that 71% of all small businesses don’t have an in house IT person, so using OpenCRM means you get easy access to the latest technology and our experienced personnel. Because the software and hardware are all upgraded as part of your subscription you get all the benefits in a fast moving and costly marketplace without any of the pain.

So buzz word or not – OpenCRM is a great way to help move your business to the cloud.

Sales Pitch : In a recent straw poll we were shocked to see how little File Storage our real competitors offered and given that the one thing we can all be sure of is that your data needs will always increase, OpenCRM are once again pioneering a change in expectations. ALL OpenCRM subscriptions now come with a minimum of 500GB of File Storage as standard. If you want to read more about what this means click here or if you would like to see how cost effective cloud computing can be why not take a look at our Plans and Pricing.