I said Google Sync not SINK!

23 Jul 2011

We have launched a new feature we are calling GSync for OpenCRM.

GSync synchronises your CRM Calendar and Contacts from OpenCRM with Google Calendar and GMail Contact lists.

Currently undergoing the final stages of BETA release it has been included in the latest production version of OpenCRM V3.01 so that any early adopters can consider how this would work for you OR so that you can sign up and use GSync right away with the usual Beta use caveats.

There are a number of information and guidance articles within our knowledgebase – just search for ‘Google’ to list relevant articles.

GSync on its own

is a great tool for those users who are on the road and need to keep their important information with them at all times. It also works really well if you need a quick way to add an activity to your OpenCRM Calendar/To Do List using your iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or Tablet, however one thing that is worth exploring further if you have a need to share your contacts across multiple systems is using Google as a conduit from OpenCRM. Once your data has been synchronised with Google there are hundreds of applications that can feed data from Google contacts.

One application that we are currently testing is OneSaaS which acts as a central hub enabling synchronisation options with a number of online web applications, things like MailChimp, Freshbooks, Xero, eBay & Shopify. We will keep you up to date with the developments in this exciting area.