I Would Walk 500 Miles… Would You?

7 Jul 2014 Would you be able to walk 500 miles? In a week?  The answer of course will be no! But how about extending the challenge to include members of your team at work? Would your team be able to walk, run, cycle, swim, ride, or skate 500 miles to work in the space of a week? Now that’s starting to look a bit more achievable! We at OpenCRM decided to see if we could turn 500 miles of commute into 500 miles of action. Just to see if it can be done, raise money for a good cause, encourage team spirit and participation, and have lots of fun doing so!

Will You Take Up the 500 Mile Challenge?

For most of you, the journey to work is a necessary, probably a dull part of the day. Sitting in traffic, standing in a crowded train, it’s not always fun is it? The idea behind the 500 Mile Challenge is to turn that commute, or at least part of it, into something fun.

Let’s Turn 500 into 5000…into 50,000!

We realised that our 500 miles could be a part of a bigger picture. A much bigger picture. As we started to put the wheels in motion, asking other companies and teams to climb on board, and the initial feedback has been very positive and truly inspiring. The more people join in, the bigger the challenge becomes. The bigger it becomes, the more awareness we raise for our chosen charities. This is a great thing for all involved.

I Love It! How can I get my team on board?

OK, now that we have your attention, here’s the plan: 1. Let us know that you are interested! Either call us or drop an email to Tom. 2. Pick a week in September 2014 in which to do the challenge. 3. Find enough members within your organisation who would be willing to join in the fun. 4. Work out what activities you are going to do – whether you are walking, running, cycling, swimming or perhaps something unusual and interesting. 5. Tot up the mileage, and keep going until you hit those 500 miles. 6. Our chosen charity is PAPYRUS (Prevention of young Suicide). We would love it if you would join us in raising money for this valuable cause, but you are of course welcome to support a charity of your choice.

Raising Awareness

A full-scale marketing campaign will be launched to support the event, via email, social media as well as print and radio. We are also able to provide fund-raising material from PAPYRUS on request. We will be promoting the campaign using the hashtag #the500miles which of course we will be encouraging you to share.

500 Miles Still Sounds Like A Long Way!

Well, it is! A 500 mile walk would see you walking from London to Paris. And back*. But as with all bigger projects, broken down into sections, those seemingly insurmountable tasks suddenly don’t seem so daunting. If you have ten members of your team, that might mean a couple of people cycling ten miles to and from work. Five days of riding that route means 100 miles for one person! Add to that a couple of people walking a few miles each day, someone else jumping in the pool in the morning on the way to work, and before you know it, those 500 miles are well within reach! If you need some advice, we would be happy to help.

Go Any Questions? Contact Us!

Phone: +44 (0)1748 473000 Email: tomc@opencrm.co.uk

*Figures based on the fact that London to Paris is approx. 280 miles, including a 30 mile ferry ride

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