Improve Productivity With CRM

17 Jul 2017

Working for an exciting company or running your own business means you can’t afford to stagnate. If you are in a rut, then chances are it means the other players in your niche are gaining a competitive edge. Whilst you carry on doing what it is you have always done, others are out there innovating – finding ways of reducing cost, quicker ways of delivering a service or uncovering new markets. In the meantime you run the risk of being left high and dry if you don’t keep your eye on the ball.

All aspects of your business benefit from keeping on top of things, reviewing and assessing your performance. As well as the obvious things such as volume of sales, amount of money made, market share etc., working on improving customer and employee satisfaction plays a role in your company performance. For example, giving the showroom a refit or a lick of paint might encourage visitors to stay a little longer, or a change of the canteen menu could help increase your staff satisfaction.

One thing that can easily be overlooked is the use of your CRM software and how you use it to manage your business data. You’ll normally start off using it to resolve a particular business issue, for example making sure that none of your leads slip through the cracks and don’t remain unassigned to any of your sales team.

Once you are up and running though you may notice that you are just using the tip of the iceberg of what is a broad and deep business application. Carrying on with my example of lead management, if you have been using it to maintain lists of people to call, maybe you should consider how you can also use the email marketing side of things to reach out to those who would rather receive an email over a phone call. So time to look into the Campaigns module and see how that could benefit your business. Building on the blocks you are already confident with means that you are already comfortable with the core functionality so the learning curve may not be quite as steep as you think.

Why not take the time to review your system to see how else it can be a boost to your business productivity and processes?