Instinct or Insight

10 May 2012

Many decisions are made on gut instinct and indeed some have become famous for making their fortune by making some “game changing” gut instinct decisions. But for most this approach is likely to be hit or miss, and place the emphasis on “miss”.

Here is where CRM comes into play. Whilst not wanting to remove any of the creative thought process that might be the life and soul of a business, a CRM solution provides a bit of a safety blanket for the instinctive. By offering insight and analysis on previous decisions that were based on instinct, you are able to compare outcomes, and decide whether your instinctive decision in a given situation is likely to be the right one. Instead of fully reining in the free thinking spirit, this allows you to develop that instinct whilst maintaining a level of balance and security. So instead of pitching instinct against insight, CRM lets you do the free thinking and analyses whether to give the green or red light.

Sales Pitch: Whether it’s to see if you have stayed within budget, worked to the allocated timescale, prioritised your jobs correctly – using OpenCRM you can analyse the success of any given project or group together project statistics in a report to give you an accurate snapshot of your levels of success in project management. Click here for more information