iPhone 4G fact or fiction

5 Dec 2009

Well the iPhone speculation has started and the buzz is (can’t say the info is 100% reliable, more intelligent guessing me thinks), the next iPhone will be 4G enabled (no damm good in the UK then for sometime but with US networks already gearing up (2011 & 2012) we can’t be so far behind [or can we]), have multi tasking, have 32&64gb as standard (could even be a 64gb starting point), battery much improved which may even be removable (nice idea but I will hold off jumping in the air until I see the design, if this has any truth), have better camera, on the screen side (well probably on both

sides :0), so will be video chat enabled, with a flash! (Hmmm not sure about that – battery had better be a chunk better don’t you think).

Could be launched for July 2010 (pure speculation, but perhaps Market competition will bring this forward), also real GPS built in, OLED screen, smoother more vibrant, better for video chat, IM enabled with a message light (now we are just inventing stuff :0) …..

Anyway, the speculation has started !

Additional comment : I guess the big thing that I gloss over is the name implying a true 4G product! Obviously this relies on the networks. In the states the most common contenders, Sprint and T-mobile use, or are developing a high speed, 3.5G network which is currently incompatible with the iPhone hardware. Probably a better chance that Apple add the hardware (frequency) capability, than the networks change thier frequency range to accomodate Apple.

Although it’s rumoured that Verizon are looking at signing a deal with iPhone this looks less likely next year. But as the US number one (89 million user -v-AT&T 86 million) expect a great courtship!

AT&T are rumored to have an end point to thier Apple iPhone agreement during summer 2010, that’s going to be a hot spot to watch.