iPhone Heaven or Hell

15 Jul 2008

It’s that time that I have been waiting for, the release of the 3G iPhone and guess what – no stock!

So I installed V2 of the iPhone software, which actually gives me what I really need. Let me explain……

As an iPhone user there has been two features that in my opinion are just blatantly missing. Searchable Contacts list and Exchange PUSH sync.

Both of these are now available in V2… but at a price. No, Apple have not charged me for the upgrade, and yes, it did install quite easily, its just that my 2G (and I have a real contention with this label – more later), iPhone runs

like a donkey!! No offence meant to Donkeys, I just wanted a racehorse.

I was always told to be careful what you wish for in this world, and I wished for V2 to be released, so there you go. I cant wait for my 3G iPhone to arrive.

Sales Pitch : Why do I like the iPhone so much more than my previous (excellent) Blackberry, you might ask? Well, its because of the browsing. I can view and login, live on OpenCRM, so no need to synchronise or download off-line versions, it just works and it is real time, so everyone at the office can see all of those activities that I am reassigning to them.

NOW BACK TO THAT 2G LABEL : I object so much because when the I purchased the iPhone (on the day of the official launch in the UK), it was sold as “more than 2G” because of the EDGE connectivity it was labelled 2.5G – yes a bit tongue in cheek, but an interesting development anyway.