Is There a Place for the Apple Watch?

14 May 2015

The Apple Watch. We’ve all heard about it, we’ve all seen the host of celebrities wearing their £12k version. It’s like the general election all over again, some feel one way, another group have reservations, and the others are simply undecided.

That goes for the team here at OpenCRM, as a tech based company we all get excited about the latest developments and advancements from the wonder that is Apple. Whilst many in the team are busy deciding which colour and interface they’ll be rocking, other sits quietly waiting to find out what the glitches and updates will be before deciding on their position.

But does the Apple Watch have any impact on CRM users, will it make life easier or is it just another fad? Well the thing about a CRM user is that they like to have choices, especially when it comes to what device to use. Whether it’s a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone, they love them all. So what benefits will adding an Apple Watch bring to these savvy users:

  • Time management
  • Easy access to information whenever you need it
  • Calendar management
  • Recording and reporting

But wait a minute doesn’t that just sound like a smartphone?

Here at OpenCRM we love a challenge and why we strive to develop interfaces for every type of device available. But for the Apple Watch it’s going to be different for the whole of the CRM community, there needs to be real added value to the offering to make it work. It has to be more than just a fad, it needs to be an effective business tool, with a service like nothing else.

Our jury is out on the Apple Watch, but that doesn’t mean we’re not watching and listening. Watch this space.