Is Your Industry Lagging Behind?

28 May 2015

So many of us dread that sales pitch phone call, you can usually spot it in the first five seconds. Some of us are patient and listen to whats on offer, but if we are honest most are heading towards hanging up before they’ve even got through the first sentence.

But what if that call actually could have positively impacted on your company? What if it really could make your service better and above all else, enhance your customer service and offering?

At OpenCRM our client base is varied, a cross-section of the business world. However, many industries still lag behind in the CRM universe. Some still believe that a system that organises your team and their work day, as well as provide support to your customers does not have a role in their sector. Often this is driven by a fear of change or perceived budget restrictions.

The thing is, everyone works differently in business, there is not one right way, we’re all different and the way we work is not the same. Because of this, business owners worry that a CRM system is for “other people” or “other industries.”

Even though our customers receive the same ‘vanilla’ system when they start out, this can be tailored to meet each business’ needs. Every system is unique, they have their own personality and responsibilities.

The first question that many of our subscribers ask is quite simply: “Do I really need CRM?”

A more pertinent question is probably: “Does your CRM have the features I need to manage my business?”

But how do you know which features you really need?

Using a CRM system gives you and your team options, it’s up to you to decide what works best for you. You have the opportunity to use whichever resources and tools you want. The bottom line is: It’s got to be a system that works for you.

A CRM system is about how you communicate, approach, and work with your customers. It’s about creating something that is useful within your industry, yes, but above all it has to support the main mission of the people using it.

Not every business needs the all singing, all-dancing version, but all businesses need a way to centralise and organise to ensure a good service for their customers.

So the next time you’re asked about how you can drive sales, think about CRM, what it means, think about how it can help your business and work day. But remember to be focused on your company needs and explore how CRM can support it. That will get you the system your company can use to grow your business and ultimately, make more profit.