LaunchWeek: It’s a Woof Life

6 Sep 2014

My name is Bailey. I’m a dog. I live with Graham and work at OpenCRM. I don’t get to blog much.

I like working at OpenCRM. It is fun and there are lots of people to talk to and play with. Sometimes I even get to share their lunch.

Right now Graham is out for a Sunday lunch! I don’t get to go. Graham says dogs shouldn’t steal the roast. I’m not allowed to go for Sunday lunch.

My work friends have been busy this month. They aren’t even taking time out for naps! It must have something to do with the new website.

I don’t see what the big deal is personally. It smells the same as the old website. I suggested the new one smell like squirrel or maybe old shoe. They just patted me on the head. They didn’t change the smell. Sigh.

It’s a tough life being a dog. I’m going to have a nap now.

Oh… 3 days to go – well that’s what they keep shouting about!