It’s Not Easy Being Green

26 Apr 2017

In the words of the world famous Kermit the Frog – ‘It’s not easy being Green’!

We at OpenCRM are Green! so imagine my delight when I attended the recent North East Expo and the guys stood next to me were also green.

They took the applause, however, as they also has a 6 foot frog with them. Talk about making yourself stand out!

But why a 6 foot frog?

As I walked amongst the various stalls and exhibitors I regularly heard ‘have you seen the frog yet?’ When the photographers came round they all made a beeline for the frog. They even had little frog sweets to give away. Thought of everything!

When you attend Events and Seminars you need to make sure you make the most of the opportunity that is given to you. After all, you have invested time and money in being there, how are you going to make sure you get that money back and more? Other than have a 6 foot frog, I mean.

The answer is by engaging with your audience.

Creating engagement allows you to have meaningful conversations, meaningful conversations lead to opportunities to sell your product or service. After all that is why you are there.

My neighbour’s green frog gave them that initial conversation starter, a reason for people to engage with them. After that came the meaningful conversions that allowed them to turn the expo into a real winner for them.

It’s a lesson I certainly learned from them. Now…who can I convince to dress up as a cloud for next year’s expo?

But I digress. Here it is,the moment you have been waiting for…….. A Big Green Frog!!!


Green Frog Cropped