Keeping Your Office Tidy With CRM

19 Jul 2011

Here at OpenCRM we have a commitment to helping you tidy up your office or workspace. With our contact management solution we have already helped you eliminate those racks of CDs, folders, filing cabinets and old computers stacked in the corner that still contain archival data. Now let us assist you in getting rid of those shelves full of manuals, instruction guides and “how to” brochures that you have collected over the last months and years.

OpenCRM contains a Documents Module which is a place where you can store all the corporate documentation you need – user manuals, white papers,

best practice documents, correspondence, advertising materials, video or graphics collateral, these are all documents that you may need at any time. Keeping them in your cloud-based CRM solution of course gives you the benefit of having your documents collateral readily available throughout your organisation regardless of geographical location or time of day. There are numerous different settings available so you can determine who can access what information, giving you the tools to ensure that data security is at the required level.

Using the templates available, you can also use the documents to create customised marketing materials that can be used to increase the effectiveness of your lead generation tools.

And if you are worried that – just like the creaking bookcase straining in the corner of your office – the volume of data you need to store is simply too much, then rest assured. As this document shows you, OpenCRM gives you massive storage capabilities to ensure space won’t be an issue.

As part of a tool for enhanced communication and information sharing, the documents module is a great way to share knowledge in a relevant and fast way.