LaunchWeek: Feature Focus

5 Sep 2014

The launch of our new website is just around the corner. My involvement in the redesign has largely focused on updating the text of the site, although I did also work closely with our lead designer, giving her feedback and a sounding board when she needed it.

We hope that now you should be able to easily find information about us and how our cloud hosted CRM solution can help you. It’s been a long journey and, while I’m so happy with the finished product, I think I will really miss working on it.

I think one of the things that has really improved in the redesign is our Features pages. Currently, our Features pages, while informative, are perhaps not as clean or as clear (or as interesting) as they could be. We decided to change the way we approach the presentation of the information completely and to approach these informative pages with a bit of light hearted energy and cheerful spirit.

Now, instead of a series of articles about specific modules, the pages walk you through the way OpenCRM can help with normal business processes. Things like the Sales Process or Project Management. Currently, you need to explore several pages to understand the various ways OpenCRM can help, but the new sites you go straight to the heart of the issue.

To be honest, next week can’t come fast enough for me. I can’t wait for people to see the fruits of our labour. Don’t forget to come back on Wednesday to see for yourself.

5 more days…