LaunchWeek: Professionalism and Personality

9 Sep 2014

As mentioned previously, I have played a rather major role in the build of our new website. So, with only one day till launch, the pressure is on!

Well, actually it’s not. The website has been under construction for quite a while now and we are more than ready to blast off.

However, trying to communicate what OpenCRM can do for businesses has been no mean feat. Being a competitor to the mighty Salesforce, OpenCRM delivers what feels like an infinite array of tools at a respectable price, and this is the main message we have been trying to convey. But in reflection, I’ve realized something, the team here at OpenCRM does not only strive to create a software which is functional and affordable, there’s more…

I have been with the company for a year and a half now, and the one thing that has truly struck me is how the management here want to look after the staff and customers alike, with respect and true human care and genuine interest in us as people.

Reflecting the human side of this company has been essential.

Characteristics like a ridiculous sense of humour, lust for life and care for the social world around them are three ways I would sum up the company as a whole. The staff here learn by example led by the founders, so we hope that you will always receive good customer service from all areas of our company.

So if professionalism and personality is what you are looking for, you have come to the right place. Come back tomorrow and see what I mean…1 final day!