Let OpenCRM Take The Weight Off Your Shoulders

16 May 2011

Increase Information, Education and Experience – Use Your KnowledgeBase.

Everyone likes tools that make work easier. With a good CRM solution, one of those comes in form of the Knowledge base – just like the one on this site.

The OpenCRM Knowledge Base is of benefit to you and your customers on two different levels.

Firstly, you can consult our KnowledgeBase to search for replies to any questions you have about your OpenCRM system, for example “How do I add a logo to my system?

Secondly, you can also build up a Q and A section for your OpenCRM system and build up a FAQ library

for your organisation and your clients to benefit from.

Creating an FAQ hierarchy will save you money and time in the long run. As well as creating “how to” posts of your own, you can document and record solutions to any customer issues that arise. This can help you prevent similar situations from arising in the future as well as providing an instant reply to a query instead of having to carry out the problem-solving again.

It is impossible to store the answers to all the problems in your head – even issues you have come up with time and time again. Why even try when you have a KnowledgeBase that exists precisely to relieve you of this burden.  With the resources available on your CRM system, this means the information is available across your organisation, giving everyone access to solutions at any time – no need to hunt down the colleague that has come across the same problem before.

Using some classification you can retrieve the answer you are looking for quickly and easily; linking solutions to Helpdesk tickets is a great way of dealing with issues that crop up frequently.

By publishing certain FAQs and making them available to clients, you can save time for both you and your clients by providing solutions to problems without the need for your support desk to become involved.

In an ideal world this will also highlight the existence of your Knowledgebase and perhaps encourage your customers to further explore some of the great features you have to offer.
Your FAQ can be presented in all manner of formats – test, image or videos, as shown in the link above or this one here.

And when you have built up a good collection of information, you have a powerful self-service module for customers to interact with you 24/7. Let the OpenCRM KnowledgeBase take the weight off your shoulders.