LinkedIn Product Recommendations – Good or not?

13 Dec 2010

I came across this very interesting post by Ian Hendry and just had to offer a link.

In essence what Ian is saying is ‘right on the money’ in terms of current trends, LinkedIn has some real value, but the idea that everyone is just back slapping and recommending without any real knowledge of each other is terrible, but what I think is really funny is how Ian posts a product recommendation for a Dell Server that he admits he does not have…

If you are interested in LinkedIn and the new concept of Company pages, this will interest you, take a look here.

It goes without saying that OpenCRM

would never elicit this kind of blatant product recommendation just to further our strategic goals…. but there are some that would!

Graham Anderson
Graham Anderson
Before I got my start in the tech industry as part of Apple's UK Mac launch team, I was a professional drummer (notice I didn’t say musician). But once I got in, I was hooked and I’ve been involved in the tech industry, primarily software development, for over 20 years. I founded this company and I now have the enviable title of System Architect (as well as Managing Director) here at OpenCRM.