Location, Location, Location …. EUDPD

1 May 2012

What is the European Union’s Data Protection Directive (EUDPD) and does my OpenCRM system meet these guidelines?

The European Union has a data protection Directive which in essence protects users data from being stored outside of  European Union countries.

One of the core elements of this directive is to create a set of guidelines that protect personal data and to achieve the adherence to these guidelines data needs to be stored within the judicial boundaries of the European Union and its members.

The essence of the directive is that data should only be held on systems within a Union country.alt

OpenCRM hold ALL European data within Approved member country Data Centres.

This is important for OpenCRM subscribers because you will likely be holding personal information within your OpenCRM systems and you need to be assured that you are holding data in compliance with the guidelines.

Data held outside of the EU has similar regulatory guidelines in terms of protection. At OpenCRM we adhere to guidelines and regulations that apply in the country where the physical data is held – the Data Centre, if you would like to limit your data to being held within a specific location please advise us and we will make the necessary arrangements.

UK and European subscribers do not need to do anything if they are happy that their data is held within the European Union ONLY. We follow the guidelines set out within the EUDPD.