Making CRM An Integral Part Of Your Business

7 Apr 2011

Here is a link and an excerpt to a new article we have published on Ezinearticles.

“Most business owners will have at least heard of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, even if they haven’t used it personally. Implementing a CRM solution is a big decision and can seem like a daunting task. This article gives an example of how a well-used CRM solution can be of benefit to your business.

Most people don’t like change. They have a regular daily life, know how everything works, and keep things simple. Every so often though someone or something comes along and upsets the apple cart. A new work colleague has different ideas about how to run things. Your television provider has changed the channel settings. The menus on your new phone are completely different to you on your old phone – this makes you send a message telling your wife how much you love her to your mother-in-law by mistake, ouch!

But by and large these changes make sense. The new work routine means your internet runs faster and your coffee is always how you like it. You have more television channels and with better picture quality. And perhaps most importantly, your mother-in-law realised your error immediately and came round with a home baked cake for you and your wife to congratulate you on your anniversary.”

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