Minding your Ps and Qs

10 Feb 2011

I have recently been following a number of articles on the topic of customer service. Although it seems like a very self-evident concept it will always remain subject to discussion.

It is quite incredible during this period of economic downturn that companies aren’t investing more in customer service.  Whether this comes in shape of a friendly flight attendant, fast and efficient shop service or good post-purchase support,  the UK still seems to lag when it comes to service with a smile. Surely that smile or thank-you mail won’t break the bank and can only be beneficial in terms of

customer satisfaction. Yet often enough it seems complacency is still rife and companies sit back and expect the customer to pander to them. As well as front of house help issues, there are ways in dealing with problems behind the scenes, potentially identifying and ironing out problems before they arise.

We ourselves are faced with the challenge of both selling a product which incorporates customer service, and providing assistance to clients of our own. As a result, we can apply what we learn from those needs to our product.

With OpenCRM we provide you with effective tools to manage your service issues. Using the Helpdesk module you can view, analyse and hopefully resolve any issues quickly and painlessly. The History Tab available is there for you to view the evolution of the issue from cause to resolution, and remains on your system in order to target and eliminate future repetition.

As well as providing our customers with this Help Desk feature we take Customer support seriously ourselves. We listen to our customers and we try to deal with any issues quickly and professionally. We don’t make any promises we cannot keep. And believe it or not, even though you can’t see us through the phone, we insist on service with a smile!