Mod, Ska and CRM

25 Aug 2015

We have recently welcomed another rock star, Jonny Moss, to the team (in addition to Tom-the-rock-star-come-project-manager-Chapman). He has given up his eight-year tour down under to come and work with the team at OpenCRM.

We are quite the talented bunch here, with two bassists, two guitarists, one vocalist, two drummers, and myself – a multi-instrument maverick – all on the payroll. We could form not just one, but two OpenCRM bands if we wanted to!

On this note, I’ve been thinking about how channelling your inner rock star can help you to please the crowd this festival season.

Make a Connection

At 16 I attended the infamous ‘Monsters of Rock – Ozfest’ at Donington’s Download festival. I saw a band called Anthrax and I remember the lead singer from the band looked at me straight in the eye and waved. Wow – it blew my mind!

As a teen, obviously this shook me to the core – so cool! I didn’t really know the band well at that stage – I was mainly just there for Black Sabbath – but I felt like the singer had really tried to connect with the me and the crowd during that set. He gave a little extra that day to try and bond with his audience.

A real lesson can be learnt from this. Whether you are trying to communicate with a prospective customer or an existing client, try to establish a bond with them. If you have a strong connection with your audience, this will pay off in the future. They will remember that you went that extra mile for them, they will trust you and then hopefully recommend you to their friends and acquaintances; and we all know how powerful an endorsement can be.

Don’t be Shy

Wowing your audience can go a long way. Like making a connection, if you really make the effort then you can give your audience something they will really remember you by. Rock stars use stage tricks, paraphernalia, and costumes – in business we can use our own powerful USPs to blow our customers out of the water.

Take whatever it is you are good at and show it off, accentuate your skills to show your audience what you are truly made of.

Always Leave them Wanting More

If you attend a truly great gig, it is likely that when that band announces a new tour, you will happily buy tickets again (and again, and again).

Make sure your customer service is of the highest standard. It can be good practice to send surveys to your customers to check that their experience with your company has been positive, and catch any area in which you might need to improve on. OpenCRM integrates with a great tool called JotForm, which means you can easily track your relationships with you customers even after a sale is secured.

By making your customers your biggest fan, they should want to keep coming back for more.

So now I have your musical taste buds tingling, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you about a brand new music festival to hit the North Yorkshire music scene, The Great Northern Mod and Ska Festival.

Boasting some great acts like the Bad Manners, The Selecter, Craig Charles Funk and Soul, plus scooter ride outs, art workshops and so much more. It really will be something for all the family.

Some of our team will even be going there for some well appreciated R&R. Perhaps we will see you there!