More than a Number – No honest YOU are!

5 Jan 2009

We have long struggled with how we differentiate ourselves from, not in terms of the product, that really speaks for itself, love us or like us (I could not bring myself to say hate!), we know that we do a great deal, as an integral part of OpenCRM that Salesforce does not do out of the box. are great, and I really mean that, that’s how they got to be number one in this market, but……… ignoring the size differences, how do we stack up in terms of appropriate service delivery to our clients???

The answer is, pretty great actually! So why and how can this be

the case, we are a much more modest sized company?

Its all about flexibility and freedom, which comes from working with a real, human company! We know the pressures that you face, because we have the same pressures. We know the way that you want to interact, because we want to interact in the same way.

It does not matter what size of business you are, we are always happy to talk through your ideas, really…. some of the best implementations of OpenCRM and cool ideas have come from partnering with new customers, of all sizes!

We have an Ethos here, a real ‘can do’ attitude, something that is real hard to explain in writing, but almost tangible when you speak to, or interact with, Software Add-ons personnel. Yes, I know its a cliché, but, we do care.

So, what’s the big difference, what’s the one thing that makes it easier to work with us than anyone else… I think its simple really… YOU Are More Than A Number !

Sales Pitch : if you want to test out how we could work with you, why not get in touch info @ add-ons dot co dot uk or click this link Contact Us