Music – to play or not to play

13 Dec 2009

I thought this article and more particularly the comments were interesting.

If your in the Software Biz this will be something that has crossed your desk, for sure.


Just to paraphrase a little …… Developers and Bosses comments….

Music always helps me ‘tune out’ the distracting noise! This noise is always a distraction and cant in anyway be seen as helpful and team building! I am a developer and I have an opinion, well yes, of course!

I am a boss and therefore I do not know anything about what developers might want! I am a boss and don’t care if my decisions

effect the team and their productivity! I am a boss and therefore …… !

You are a developer and therefore by definition you know everything that there is to know about everything (really?) “what is this thing called bug!”

On a serious note :

In my experience music is very useful if used correctly, as a genuine balance to the distraction of a modern open planned environment.

One of the best comments was the quote about the boss who looks at the developer and sees him in true ‘chill out mode’, hands behind his head, feet on desk, and asks why he is paying the developer for what he is doing at that moment and the manager comments that this is exactly ‘what’ you are paying for, all the rest can be got for $4 an hour off shore… this is the bit that counts… Unfortunately most bosses would just focus on the “$4 an hour” bit of the comment….