Need some Motivation?

4 Jan 2012

Year in year out, this is the period in the calendar when people throw themselves head first into those New Year’s resolutions. They come in many shapes and forms but often fall into common categories – healthy diet, active living, a more positive approach to family and working life. More often than not it will be these same resolutions that were made the year before, and they are the resolutions that tend to fall by the wayside come this time next month.

If you need that kick in the rear every now and then to remind you to take advantage of your expensive gym membership, or your

determination to not forget family birthdays, then OpenCRM may be one way of helping you out. Just as you can set yourself reminders that let you know when your meetings and activities are due you can also set up those digital memos to appear and jog (sorry bad joke) your memory as to just how much the gym subscription cost you, or that your brother-in-law’s birthday is just round the corner.

Of course, whether you pay attention to these notifications is entirely up to you – your hosted CRM solution can remind and TELL you to get down to the gym – sadly it won’t do the workout for you! (not in version 3 anyway 🙂

Why not let OpenCRM help you with management of your time, your appointments and your other calendar entries? Furthermore entries that you have put into your Google calendar can be quickly and easily synchronised into OpenCRM with the tools we have available making them easily available on the road (or rowing machine) on your mobile devices.