New Year, New Start, New CRM System

28 Aug 2014

When you start shopping for a new CRM system, you look for the best. We have your best Salesforce alternative here. Why is it the best? We have a tremendous team of project managers, superb support and stellar sales guys. Does that put us in line for your consideration? Good.

It is my birthday tomorrow! That means I’m a year older, I can pretend to be a little bit wiser

, but it mostly means that I get to set new goals for the upcoming year:

– Get a house, so that I give my horse like puppy a yard to play in. – Save up to go on holiday to visit my friend in Mexico – Go to as many live music shows I can go to – Find a guitarist and start touring again

You have probably given yourself and your business some pretty important goals for the year and if you are considering OpenCRM as your provider, than that is a major part of your business you want to let evolve.

The key is to set realistic and attainable goals. Come to us with your must have’s. Talk to us and we will help you attain your goals. We believe in evolution over revolution. It is a phrase we use every day here. What we mean is that we won’t expect you to revolutionise your business, rather evolve with us, learn and grow at a speed that fits with your needs.