Now is not the time to unload the gun, it’s the time to take better aim!

28 Feb 2009

When things get tough in the markets that you trade in, its easy to ‘cut costs’ to such an extent that you damage your long term strategic development, in favour of short term saving.

Granted, if the ‘cash’ is just not there, either because of difficult lines of credit, longer payment days or just less revenue being generated, then I am the first to agree that we have to “cut our cloth”! But, cutting our cloth and making prudent strategic decisions can work hand in hand.

A number of our forward thinking clients are in markets that have seen particularly harsh downturns in sales, notably property, advertising and recruitment, three areas, arguably, that have been hit as hard as any and worse than most. Even so, I am impressed by how the principles of these companies have responded.

Yes, they are looking at effective financial management, but not at the cost of damaging the underlying foundation of their business.

I am always pleased that our clients comment so favourably on what OpenCRM and the team at Software Add-ons contribute to a streamlined and well supported business.

One of the remarks I make regularly, is that I have the privilege of working with some great business visionaries and entrepreneurs, and this is even more the case during these difficult times.

OpenCRM continues to grow as a product and we grow as a company as many more clients convert across to, or adopt, OpenCRM as their office solution. This continued growth, however, does not make us complacent.

So, don’t unload that gun, take better aim! and if we can help you with a little focus, then please get in touch.

Sales pitch – if you would like to see what OpenCRM can do for your business, please get in touch with me direct, I can be emailed on grahama [@]