On Time & Error Free With CRM

1 Jun 2011

Isn’t it frustrating, when the birthday present you ordered for your mother was shipped to the wrong address.  Two days too late. With her name spelt incorrectly on the gift.

This is bad news for both the business and the customer. The customer is obviously not satisfiedwill not be using your services again. And the business incurs the additional posts of putting the order right in order to satisfy a customer that is already lost.

Using a CRM solution you have the tools needed to keep minimize the chance of such mistakes happening. Here are a couple of potential problem spots that an

ondemand CRM solution can prevent.

A hands-off approach to data.

In a CRM system your customer address details only need to be entered once. This reduces the scope for losing details as a customer account does not need to be passed from one department to another

Using OpenCRM helps you minimise errors at the sales order or invoice stage. With the Opportunity completed and sealed, the Sales Order can be automatically generated. This can again be used to generate the invoice. You have effectively cut out the human error factor as there is no need to manually edit the details on the paperwork.

Using the details from your support staff, you have a log of any previous incidents with any given customer. You can turn any errors of the past around by raising your level of service to put a smile back on the customer. You can use your OpenCRM to turn this into a loyalty-building opportunity.