One Lesson You Shouldn’t Ignore!

13 Jun 2014

So this week, we have been involved in a theme championed by LinkedIn. The idea is to take the education and life-lessons you have gathered up until now, and think back to how a twenty-two year old you might benefit from this knowledge.

Well, I am going to suggest that the 22 year old me wholeheartedly IGNORE any advice from my older self – and yes, I am fully aware of the irony that this in itself could be considered to be a piece of guidance!

When starting out your journey through adulthood, you should be in a great position. Full of enthusiasm, energy and passion. These are all properties I hope I still possess today, but when approaching life as a younger adult, you have the chance to make new experiences, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and establish your own foundations.  Save the benefit of your own hindsight for later on!

You only get one shot, so make sure you grab it by the horns, rather than basing your outlook on second or third-hand information passed down and not lived.

So, above all, pay no attention to this advice, go out and enjoy life!