LaunchWeek: OpenCRM Can Do It!

6 Sep 2014

So, Saturday is here and I am on the edge of my seat about the launch of our brand spanking new website. For months, our in-house marketing team have been collaborating over the re-design, re-structure and general re-vamp of the site.

My role has been predominantly in the build, taking the reins, so to speak, on the overall design, graphics, navigation, and layout of the site. The most exciting thing for me as a young and enthusiastic designer has been the challenge of dreaming up how I want the site to look and function, then going out and finding the tools to do it.

Here at OpenCRM we have a ‘can do’ attitude, this sounds cliché but, from how we help our customer’s through their CRM journey with us, to how our design team approach internal projects, we really are passionate about aiming high and pushing our capabilities to the limit.

I am therefore very proud of the use of cutting edge technology on the new site like HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery to name a few. By utilizing the web tools that are available to designers these days, we hope that the site is not just covering web design fundamentals like being informative, easy to navigate and clear, but is also a fun experience for all of our visitors.

4 days left!