OpenCRM VAT changes

16 Dec 2009

On the 31st of December at 12:00 all OpenCRM systems will start to update automatically.

This will be complete by 9:00 1st January.

This change will affect all OpenCRM users.

The main update will set the default level of VAT to 17.5%. The current level of 15% VAT will still be available as an option. Existing records will not be effected, thier rates will remain as originally set.

As part of this update, we will be streamlining the way that VAT is managed across all versions of OpenCRM, in particular vertical or bespoke solutions.

If users are using line level VAT the table that

manages the VAT selection is being rationalised also.

This is the second phase of development that sees a full merge of all versions and add-ons for OpenCRM, including muti currency support for SageLink for OpenCRM.