Our all New Status Page

31 May 2016

There have been changes a plenty this May at OpenCRM! We’ve been joined by a new project manager, have some great new features coming up for the system, and we’ve even started stocking a new type of biscuit in the staff kitchen. Ok, so the last one won’t really affect our customers directly, but we’re all pretty excited about it.

However it is not our choice of elevenses snack or tipple that I want to bring to your attention with this post, it’s our new status page.

“What’s so special about that?” I hear you say.

Until recently, finding out the current service status of OpenCRM and our additional services was a bit of a manual task for our customers. They would have to call or email the team or log on to our website to see what was going on.

But we know just how valuable our customer’s time is and wanted to make life as easy as possible.

So we made some changes and adopted this brand new status page, one that allows our customers to subscribe to email notifications of status changes. This lets us keep them up to date on any scheduled maintenance task or incident, no matter how small, that we think may affect them and their OpenCRM systems.

These statuses will also be posted to our @OpenCRMStatus Twitter account if our customers don’t want to receive emails.

If you haven’t done so already, just log in and subscribe.