Our little, big move.

23 Oct 2017

There’s something really exciting about moving office. There will be a change of scenery, new location (kind of – across the road doesn’t really count)  and a determination to do it all in a day or two.

We all know that moving house is a stressful job, now imagine moving your whole team, with all their computers, desk decorations, and all that spare stuff too. What a heavy transition it is!

However, with a lot of prep and some hard graft, we managed to it. Actually, in the end it was a pretty smooth transition, mainly because we all helped each other.

Moving Office Spare Stuff


As a team we all have helped each other – bringing monitor after monitor, desk after desk up the stairs. It was a long day indeed for everyone. After a few minor stresses we are all back up and running like we never left.

The new office is mainly to help with communication, which everyone knows is the most important part of building a strong team. Instead of being on two floors we are all now on one. This means we all get the chance to mingle more…improving both the friendly atmosphere of the office and more work-based communication.

Moving Office - New Breakout Space

We have a new improved “social area” where we can eat and chill out after a long day at work. This will make communication better and maybe actually get to know our team members better too. Including when we have new starters…speaking of which.

Changes are happening all over the office, as well as moving we have a new developer in within the team. We welcome Jordan who will be learning the mysterious ways of the developing world.

OpenCRM are looking to expand, we are a brilliant bunch of clever clogs if I do say so myself and personally I have never been happier with my place of work or to be surrounded by a great, enthusiastic people. If you’re interested in joining us, just hop over to our careers page to get in touch.

But enough about that, we’re just glad that, after a long week of moving about backwards and forwards, we are all finally settled in and back online.

Moving Office - All settled in