Personalisation for the Nation

31 Jan 2014

As mentioned in previous posts, I love technology and what it can do for our lives. I am not necessarily the most technical minded of people, but there are so many new bits of software that are so useful and often quite exciting and innovative. I mainly appreciate the small things that developers have done to make my life that little bit easier or, let’s face it, prettier! 

For example, when I buy a new mobile phone I always spend a few hours playing with it to see what it can do. This ‘playing’ normally consists first of the more mundane tasks like making sure my email accounts are properly set up, that my contacts are transferred successfully, and then exploring and installing nice handy applications like the Met Office, the Trainline and my many social media apps. This in itself is a very useful type of personalisation, and one that I can do myself, to streamline my day to day life.

But then I move onto the really good stuff, the true meaning of play, to ‘engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose’ (– thank you Google)! I head to the phones settings to see what awesome colour themes I can apply, ringtones/sounds I can set (mainly to annoy my partner), and what background picture I would like to see every time I lock my phone.

It is both these practical and personal tools that make technology great fun and a real asset to modern life.

If you would like to know ways in which OpenCRM can be customised to help with your everyday work-life and CRM needs, please see the FAQs linked at the bottom of this post. Alternatively, you can contact your Account Manager to have a chat about how we can help you personalise you experience with OpenCRM. 

Is there a way to colour code the calendar display, so that Calls and Meetings show up in different colours for different users?

How can I customise my OpenCRM solution? How can I change screen design settings for my Users?