Preparation Prevents P*** Poor Performance

9 Apr 2015

It’s funny how things people tell you when you are in your formative years really do stick with you. The 5 Ps is something my big sister told me about when I was revising for an exam I was doing for school. Since then, the amount of different scenarios I have applied this motto to has been uncanny; be it my driving test, job interviews, staff meetings, a new creative project or even social weekends away, preparing properly really does prevent poor performance.

On this note, I am excited that this weekend we will be embarking on our first team practice walk for our Yorkshire Three Peak challenge in June. I have already done a few walks on my own which have highlighted areas I need to be aware of like having good walking boots and Compeed plasters at the ready. Also, -with the awesome weather we had last weekend- that sun cream in June is not an over optimistic item for the rucksack!

Being prepared is something I always like to focus on when I’m feeling uncomfortable about a challenge, be it in my professional or personal life. If I go into something with the most educated and practiced approach possible, anything after that is arguably unavoidable so not worth worrying about.

Go team Y3P!