Ready for Delivery

19 Dec 2013

It’s a well-known (and often lamented) fact that the Christmas season is a difficult and busy time for anyone involved in the postal industry, whether it be your local postie or a private delivery driver. They spend the run up to Christmas trudging about in cold and usually rainy (sometimes snowy) weather to deliver our cards and gifts. Not to mention that they usually end up carrying all the eleventh-hour purchases in the week that follows, greeted with grimaces for the late arrival. It’s a tough job.

With the onslaught on parcels arriving at everyone’s home and office, the postal service has been on people’s minds lately. So when I was recently trying to come up with a way to describe how Pop2OpenCRM works and asked one of our support team for help, it’s no surprise that the analogy he came up with was post inspired.

When you send out your emails, your email servers (Outlook, Google, etc) pick them up and make sure they get sent out in an orderly fashion. It doesn’t change the email address they are coming from in any way. Basically, those email servers functions as the postman/woman: They pick up the emails and make sure they’re delivered. The postie doesn’t write their own name on the sent from address on your Christmas cards, they just sort them and deliver them to the correct address. It’s the same for the servers; it’s a delivery service, nothing about the email you are sending is altered.

Pop2OpenCRM works off the back of your email servers, linking all of those communications to an individual record (Contact, Lead, HelpDesk Ticket) within your OpenCRM system. To stay with the postal analogy, if you imagine that, for every letter, card, and parcel you send, your postman/woman makes two stops: one at your house and one at your OpenCRM system. This second stop doesn’t change anything about the email itself, it just makes sure that the email is stored in a secure location and linked to the correct record in your system.

We developed Pop2OpenCRM to make sure that a full history of all communications with your prospective and/or current customers are stored in a secure and sensible place. With Pop2OpenCRM, you never have to dig through folders in your email system, all you have to do is look at the OpenCRM record. Easy. If you’re interested in setting up Pop2OpenCRM for your system, just drop your account manager an email or give us a call.