Recession-Friendly – 5 Ways OpenCRM Can Help Beat The Blues

26 Apr 2011

Accounts, Finances and Cashfloware never far from a business mind these days, especially soon after the budget announcement. Depending on who or what you read, the economy has hit the bottom and is gradually on the turn. Turn the page or read another opinion, and you’ll learn that we are still on the downward spiral. One thing’s for sure, the heady days are over, and regardless of the state of our present economy, the recession has taught some valuable lessons. Businesses are being far more careful with spending and are tending to play it safe, rather than going out on a limb.

Here are five ways in which a CRM solution can help you pro-actively take on the recession and step ahead of competition:

  1. Streamlining your workflow can put your entire organisation on the same page. This will help align company policy and motivation – helping your organisation and staff achieve more with less waste.

  2. Use reports to analyse information and find who your best customers are. If you work on a tight budget (and who doesn’t?!) this means you can invest in the products which guarantee a return; in an ideal world your best products and customers will go hand in hand allowing you to maintain both to the highest standard.

  3. Collecting and Collating Customer information gives your sales team the mechanism to offer a better service – reducing time wasted on sales opportunities that were never there in the first place.

  4. This Customer data is also available to your support staff who can use the information to pre-empt trouble areas as well as offer a premier post-sale support.

  5. The benefits of a cloud-based CRM solution are growing day by day – increased speed in customer services, company interactions across the globe and vastly reduced IT costs.

With efficient implementation of a CRM system you could not only survive a weak economic period but benefit from a time when your competitors are digging their heels in hoping to ride out the storm.

Sales Pitch: OpenCRM is a low cost, high delivery salesforce alternative for your cloud-based business needs. Please have a look at our plans and pricing for some concrete figures, and try out a demo version of OpenCRM. You might be surprised at how economical an on-demand software solution can be compared with traditional software.